14 September 2014

You Are Here: LOVE

New chalk work in Union Square Park today.  Might turn this into a series.  Loved the way it came out!

35' x 15'. pastel chalk on pavement.

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12 August 2014

for Boqueria Restaurant

Hand-painted signage including custom font and fully functional QR code.  East 76th Street and 2nd Avenue.  A pleasure working with their staff!

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07 June 2014

for Exhale Spa Flatiron

It has been my great pleasure to execute a guerrilla marketing campaign for Exhale Spa, celebrating the opening of their new location in Flatiron, on West 21st St. between 5th and 6th Avenues.  The entire staff -Susan, Kristen, Kim, Morgan, Hannah, and Annbeth- are simply a joy to work with and I look forward to seeing everybody in Core Fusion class!

5th And 20th

5th x 21st

Flatiron Building
6th x 21 St. (Thank you, Markt Restaurant!)

5th x 22nd
5th and 21st, outside the spa!

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12 May 2014

Officially an Ex-Con Artist

** UPDATE: On July 1, the judge dismissed all charges against me after the District Attorney admitted they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my creations could be considered graffiti.  YAY!  Now, back to work.


Well, it's happened.  I was arrested on May 11th for doing my work.   

I was working with pastel chalk in Union Square and the park workers complained that the pastel chalks I use were damaging the concrete and needed "power washing" to remove and repair...and wanted me to restrict my work to sidewalk chalk, (which isn't viable.)  The NYPD was called, and said it looked like vandalism and took me in at the scene when I told them I was going to continue my work as it is a protected form of free expression.  I was charged with criminal mischief and two counts of creating graffiti.  BoweryBoogie picked up the story already.  My court date is July 1.   If anybody knows a good First Amendment attorney...

Below is the image I was imprinting, part of my "Louis Vuitton is Dead" series.  

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30 April 2014

Louis Vuitton Is Dead

Sunday, July 8, 2014, Union Square Park
55' x 10'

Sunday, April 27, 2014, Union Square Park
55' x 10'

Sunday, May 4, 2014, Union Square Park
55' x 5' (rained out before completion)

Monday, May 5, 2014, Washington Square Park
15' x 25'

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13 April 2014

NY ❤ Boston

Union Square, Sunday, April 13, 2014.

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20 January 2014

Martin Luther King Day 2014

"There are people who have come to see the moral imperative of equality,
but who cannot yet see the moral imperative of world brotherhood. I would like to see the fervor
 of the civil-rights movement imbued into the peace movement to instill it with greater strength."
-MLK at the United Nations, 1967

I hate the way the background came out.  Kids walking with their parents in the park wanted a peace symbol, and I explained what I was going to write, but you know kids.  So I gave in.  
It would have been straight red and blue stripes across.

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03 January 2014

Dog is Love, but Dogecoin is money!

In addition to paypal, I'm now accepting Dogecoins as tips!

Tipping will allow me to continue creating the "Dog Is Love!" series of chalk art into another season, along with my other street art.    I help support pet adoption agencies by creating these pieces near their upcoming and present events, without any fee to the agencies.  

Please send to Dogecoin address: DMYXPGtTCiYrsDaqnJYUDcmJjfjhXH2FZb .  Thank you, and please adopt a pet today!

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25 November 2013

Sandy Hook 1-year Memorial

For the 1-year memorial of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I prepared a chalk art memorial in Union Square Park, NYC.  This piece was picked up and reported on by BoweryBoogie.com, an awesome Lower East Side online magazine.   Please click the "Press" tab above for more info.

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08 November 2013

Rocky Horror Picture Show Lips

Today's chalk art in Union Square and on West 23rd Street and 8th Avenue are the iconic lips from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Please stop by the theater on West 23rd, where the show runs every Friday and Saturday at midnight.  Details at http://www.nycrhps.org/rockyredux/

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